From Recipe Formulation to Final Design

Since 2013, Aenea s.r.o. is actively engaged in the production and other accompanying processes from recipe formulation up to final design of natural and organic preparations with an emphasis on the highest quality, safety and functionality of the resulting products. In our ever-growing portfolio, we already have more than 3,000 proven cosmetic recipes of several market brands.

Eco-Certified Ingredients
and Gentle Processes

While cooperating with local as well as global suppliers of raw materials of the highest quality, we prefer eco-certified ingredients coming from sustainable farming. Raw materials and final products also are not tested on animals and, during the production process, they are processed in the most gentle way, so they can preserve valuable natural substances and all of their beneficial effects.

Sustainable Development

In order to meet even the most demanding requirements and minimize the impact of our activities on the environment at the same time , we are constantly learning, looking for new and new alternatives and choosing innovative and sustainable solutions. We perform all activities as well as produce the products themselves with regard to the efficient use of natural resources and sustainable development.