Formulation of Cosmetic Recipes

We will design a complete recipe of your desired products and with regard to their functionality and desired properties, in accordance to applicable legislation. We will draw your attention to prohibited substances and strong allergens and recommend you the safe alternatives. Based on your preferences, we will select suitable active substances, their ideal combinations, we will advise you which substances are suitable for your product and which, on the contrary, are worth avoiding.

Design of Fragrance Compositions
and Active Substances
According to the Product Purpose

We will help you to fine-tune your idea of ​​the intended preparation in detail according to general professional knowledge and with an emphasis on sensory experience or real aromatherapy, functional or cosmetic effects of added essential oils, plant extracts, rare complexes and active

Creation of Prototypes
Based on Client Requirements

We will produce sample pieces of natural and organic products according to pre-agreed recipes and procedures inspired by your idea. Our common goal will be to create unique competitive products that will meet the expectations of you and your clients.

Production of Cosmetic Preparations

Based on previous discussions, provided information and careful selection of suitable raw materials, as well as approval of the final formulation of the proposed preparations, we will produce products tailored to your needs and preferences in accordance with EU Regulation no. 1223/2009 and other obligations arising from the standard STN / EN / ISO 22716.

Dosing and Filling of Finished Products

We dispense your cosmetic, biocide, borderline and many other products from the original large-volume canisters or any other types of smaller or larger packaging into your chosen consumer packaging. We carry out dosing for both liquid and loose products, thicker and thinner. We are also capable of dealing with non-standard consistency and other specific features of your products.

Design and Implementation of the Final Packaging of the Intended Preparations

We will carefully incorporate your ideas and inspirations into the specific proposals of the final design of your products. We will guide you by the choice of suitable packaging materials, check their availability at verified suppliers and prepare a label design for you according to your ideas. Our common goal will be to create products that perfectly match the character of your company or business plan at first glance.

Testing of Preparations, Notification,
Obtaining the Required Documentation

We will guide you through the product testing process, advise you on what criteria are evaluated during the mandatory testing to which the product must be subjected, and mediate official product testing by independent accredited institutions according to the relevant legislative requirements. We will provide product notification on the CPNP portal.

Preparation of the Required Documentation

We will advise you on which documentation is a necessary condition for the entry of your product to the market, what information and claims it is obligatory to state according to legislative regulations and which claims products must not contain. We will prepare complete documentation for products according to the standard STN / EN / ISO 22716, as well as text materials for the creation of labels or marketing descriptions and materials in accordance with the EU Commission Regulation no. 655/2013.

Professional Consultations and Advice

We will advise you on all questions that arise from the process of creating your intended products from the initial idea to the finished product. We will recommend suitable raw materials, procedures, explain the obligations arising from legislative standards and answer all your questions about the process.

Production of Turnkey Products

We will lend a helping hand and guide you through the entire product creation process, from the design of active ingredients or specific raw materials, creating an original recipe, choosing packaging materials and labeling solutions according to the nature of your brand and many other steps to safely packaged finished products delivered directly to your hands.